Cardiac Monitoring

Cardiac monitoring or telemetry monitoring is a method used in home care to continuously monitor your heart’s function in order to detect episodes of abnormal heart rhythms and diagnose various heart conditions. It is provided through the home health service for the elderly and chronically ill. Cardiac monitoring is indicated for acute coronary syndromes, serious abnormal heart rhythms, cardiac arrest, myocardial infarction, post cardiac surgery, unexplained chest pain and episodes of fainting.

The common monitoring techniques include:

  • Electrocardiogram (EKG): measures electrical impulses in your heart
  • Holter monitor: 24hourECG monitoring that records irregularities in your heart beats
  • Implantable loop recorders: small ECG monitor implanted under the skin and allows months of monitoring. To record an event, you would need to press a button on a hand-held activator attached to it.

You, your caretaker and nurse are trained to use these devices, which continuously monitor and send out alerts to your doctor in case of an abnormal reading. Monitoring may be done remotely, and your home care nurse contacted to deliver appropriate care if any abnormalities are detected. These cardiac monitors help detect irregularities before an event can occur, which facilitates immediate treatment.

24 hour blood pressure monitoring

Blood pressure fluctuates across the day, while performing different activities and when under stress. Ambulatory blood pressure (ABP) monitoring or monitoring of blood pressure (BP) over a 24-hour period is indicated for an accurate assessment

24 hour ECG – Holter monitoring

24-hour ECG-Holter monitoring is one of the home health services provided for elderly and bedbound patients to record the electrical activity of the heart, including rate and rhythm. The device consists of a portable, battery-operated device, about the size of your palm that is connected to electrodes by wire and placed on your chest.

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