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Our Care Model

Our care model is unique, providing the highest quality training in a range of subjects to medical professionals and caregivers across the United Arab Emirates and beyond. Having developed some of the most comprehensive and advanced medical training courses to be found anywhere, Americare welcomes practitioners from across the Gulf region and around the world, all of whom are drawn to the quality of the courses we provide.

Our home healthcare services are delivered by some of the most highly-skilled, well-qualified and dedicated doctors, nurses, and Therapists ensuring we not only meet but exceed the best medical practices and instill confidence in our patients. We provide people with the most advanced treatments and techniques, delivered in the comfort of their own homes where their privacy and dignity are fully maintained and respected. Our bespoke home care packages are entirely tailored to an individual’s needs, recognizing their unique health problems and medical requirements, and seeing they receive the best possible care.

  • Pediatric Care

    Americare staff are trained in pediatric care, and understand the unique challenges of looking after premature infants as well as younger and older children. We understand that children can find contact with medical professionals a frightening experience, particularly in the clinical setting of a hospital.

  • Geriatric Care

    Caring for the elderly can be a complicated task, particularly when an individual is in poor health and may struggle with a number of different complaints. Physical and mental health problems may prevent an elderly loved one from living safely and independently within their own home, but with home care support from...

  • Therapy Services

    Our speech therapists work as a team with your doctor, audiologist and psychologist to evaluate and diagnose a patient’s problem with speech and communication. Once the cause is determined, a customized treatment plan is formulated keeping in mind the functional, environmental and social needs at home.

  • Specialized Services

    Courses developed by Americare are specially designed for people who carry out caring duties on a day to day basis. As well as being ideal training development programs for doctors, nursing staff and emergency respondents, these courses are also a good way for teachers, public transport attendants, nannies and mothers...