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Who Is Suited for Our Courses?

Courses developed by Americare are specially designed for people who carry out caring duties on a day to day basis. As well as being ideal training development programs for doctors, nursing staff and emergency respondents, these courses are also a good way for teachers, public transport attendants, nannies and mothers to acquire new medical skills or develop the medical knowledge they already have.

Available Courses

Americare offers a number of different courses, each lasting between four and five hours and rewarding those who take part with a course participation card and certificate of completion.

Heartsaver CPR Course

Heartsaver CPR Course

Our Heartsaver CPR course teaches CPR and relief from choking in adults and children, and is specially designed for those whose line of work means they have to respond to medical emergencies. The course is, however, open to anyone who wishes to gain these valuable skills either for work or for personal reasons. This course can also be tailored to include training in infant CPR and choking.

The Heartsaver AED course teaches much the same program with additional training in the use of Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs). This course is also an excellent choice for emergency responders and individuals who want to earn a qualification in CPR and AED use for career or personal reasons.

Heartsaver First Aid Course

Heartsaver First Aid Course

Our Heartsaver First Aid course is a comprehensive program which teaches participants about how to manage injury and illness in the first few minutes of a medical emergency, before professional help has arrived. Separate classes are run for adult and child first aid, ideally suited to individuals with no previous medical training who want to acquire these valuable skills.

BLS Healthcare Provider Course

BLS Healthcare Provider Course

The BLS Healthcare Providers course teaches one and two-person CPR techniques, choking relief, the use of airway barrier devices, bag mask ventilation and AED use. This is a more advanced course for those with previous medical training, enabling them to build on the first aid skills they have already acquired.

As well as certificates for completion, all participants receive a manual to take away with them and an American Heart Association (AHA) Course Completion Card.