Training Our Staff

Here in Americare, you will never feel alone…

All employees go through a series of comprehensive training courses structured to enhance your clinical skills, and boost your confidence in providing culturally-sensitive home health nursing care.

In-House Trainings:

Refresh and realign your skills and concepts. It is mandatory for all employees to go through the specified orientation program and annual updates per discipline.

  • General Orientation Courses

    • Cultural Sensitivity
    • International Patient Safety Goals
    • Fire Safety
    • Infection Control
    • Handling Untoward Circumstances at Home
  • Nursing Service Orientation/Competency Courses

    • Safe Transfer Techniques and Proper Body Mechanics
    • Handling Communication Barriers/ Therapeutic Communication
    • Nursing Documentation Workshops
    • Medication Administration
    • Wound Care
    • IV Therapy
    • Handling Diabetic Patients at Home
    • Handling Pediatric Patients at Home
    • Care of Patients with Tubes and Devices
    • Care of Patients with Speech Problems

On-Site Training:

  • Preceptor Program

    • This program is designed to ensure patient safety and provide real time orientation into the world of homecare in the UAE.
    • The program enhances the in-house clinical learning experiences by providing structured information in all basic areas of homecare and cultural awareness.
    • Preceptors serve as educators, leaders, facilitators, nurturers, protectors, and role models to both new and established nurses of AHHS.

Training Scholarships:

  • AHA Certified Course – Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers (free for all nurses)

  • Specialty Training Courses (free for all focus team members)

    • Wound Care Team
    • Diabetes Management Team
    • Infection Control Team
    • Pediatric Nursing Team
    • IV Therapy Team
    • Preceptors Team

“Americare Home Health Service Training Program allowed me to overcome my fears as I ventured into a new career and in a new environment. It intensified my confidence to confront the challenges of this unique profession.” – Ryan Mark Rebeca – AHHS staff nurse

“I was not expecting that home care nursing experience would be this well-defined and organized. I never regret embracing this field as it nurtured not only my hands but also my heart. I didn’t expect that I had it in me, genuine, compassionate caring.” – Kathleen Paula Sarmiento – AHHS staff nurse


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